Graysen Alexis Gonzalez

(April 15th, 2020- November 29th, 2021)

One of the hardest things to do in life has come to my doorstep. Writing an obituary for someone you love, someone you lose, someone who has a part of your heart so powerful it hurts.

On the morning of November 29th Graysen Alexis Gonzalez awakened in this world for the last time. His giant eyes were so filled with joy and adventure, that the reality still hasn’t hit his family and friends. As we grieve, we remember the blessing he was here on Earth.

We celebrated his life with a memorial on December 19th and mourned with his g-ma Tanya Coval. He was finally put to rest on December 20th. Keeping his memory alive and the flame of his love lit, are his grandmother Tanya Coval, his uncles Luis and Jaden Gonzalez, the Vanvelzor family, and countless others whose lives he touched. May comfort find the hearts of his parents, Crystal and Gary, as well. Rest in the peace we all prayed you could have found.

About Compass Pointe Funeral Services

Compass Pointe Funeral Services is a licensed funeral home in Central Florida. As a family run business, we offer a wide variety of funeral services typically at a lower price that our competitors. Thank you for supporting a family business.
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