Aven Raell Veronee

Aven Veronee OBIT

About Compass Pointe Funeral Services

Compass Pointe Funeral Services is a licensed funeral home in Central Florida. As a family run business, we offer a wide variety of funeral services typically at a lower price that our competitors. Thank you for supporting a family business.
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2 Responses to Aven Raell Veronee

  1. Ruth Mincer says:

    Simply beautifully put Morgan. I’m so glad You had her as Your sister. No one can ever take the wonderful memories that you both have shared. Yes, one day you and all her loved ones will see her beautiful smiling face again. Until the, continue to keep her spirit alive. Much love and prayers for you, your Momma and family. Love, Ruth Mincer

  2. Momma says:

    My darling Evan ….I miss you dearly….. I remember you saying in the back sit of my car and we were singing and laughing heading to the beach. .. You brought so much light to my family…. You were one of my children and I assured your smile.. you left this Earth far to early. I love you and will continue to remember you always…. Give em hell in heaven beautiful….

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