Kimberly Cavilla-Smart



Our loving Kimberly Ann Cavilla-Smart passed away on December 21st, 2016 from a short battle with cancer.

She was a devoted wife, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, daughter and friend.

She is survived by her husband Edgar Smart (Bo) of nineteen years, her mother Elizabeth Semonchick, her daughter Christie Calafino and her four grandchildren. As well as her two brothers Joseph and John, and her beloved sister Jennifer.

Kim was known to all as a humble, eclectic and passionate woman. She loved motorcycles, gardening and collecting beautiful things.

She lived life to the fullest and made the best of any situation.

She now rests with her sister, Lynnette whom she adored with all her heart.

Kim will be missed in this life by all that she touched. She will remain here in spirit and has become a guardian angel to her family and friends.

Peace, love, forgiveness, serenity and compassion is our continued prayer for our Kim.

May God welcome her and hold her with his loving and open arms.

Peace be with you. Amen.

About Compass Pointe Funeral Services

Compass Pointe Funeral Services is a licensed funeral home in Central Florida. As a family run business, we offer a wide variety of funeral services typically at a lower price that our competitors. Thank you for supporting a family business.
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2 Responses to Kimberly Cavilla-Smart

  1. Nicole Jacobs says:

    Rest In Peace, Aunt Kim. You will be deeply missed.

  2. Melissa Byrnes-Moylan says:

    We love and miss you already, Aunt Kim. I’ll never forget the wonderful memories we shared.
    You were such a tremendous part of my childhood and I thank you for being my wonderful Aunt. Love you!

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